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ARS AVI: passion and tradition for excellence. The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ARS AVI: passion and tradition for excellence. The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Via Madonna del Soccorso SAN VITTORE DEL LAZIO - (FR)

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 ARS AVI was founded in 1950, born from the passion of Alberto's, the family "grandfather", who planted and took over the trees of the Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo olive cultivars in San Vittore del Lazio, to process them in his olive oil mill in the province of Frosinone.

Handed down from Alberto to his son Fabrizio, ARS AVI represents nowadays a business reality that, thanks to the high professionalism and the innovative technologies introduced, offers quality extra virgin olive oil, in addition to the third party milling service.

Alberto - the "grandson"- welcomes me. He has recently begun to collaborate in the company.


We start the visit.


The Olive Oil Mill

The state-of-the-art olive mill works with the most innovative technologies.
As Alberto explains, "40% of the quality of extra virgin olive oil depends on the period of time from moment the fruit is harvested to the moment it is processed: both the evaluation of the right level of ripeness of the olives and the time that elapses from picking to processing, play a fundamental role". The processing times are minimal, being the mill located at the centre of the olive grove
"Another 40% depends on the processing phase". Again, being this a cutting-edge oil mill, the highest quality standards are guaranteed.
ARS AVI ensures a continuous operation milling process. The milling is carried out within 6 hours from harvesting so that the olives, gently pressed, produce a premium quality oil.
The olives taken to the mill are then stored in special containers, weighed and entered into the production cycle. The process is performed inside stainless steel tanks, which guarantee a perfect processing and storage of the product. No filtering procedures are carried out.


Another very important aspect this company is very accurate with is the containers: for this reason, the B Oil - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is marketed in ceramics bottles, particularly valuable and aesthetically appealing. The bottle may be reused and filled with any oil from recyclable cans.

The Tasting Room: "The Laboratories of taste"

Sight, smell taste: to promote the culture of olive oil also means sensorial education. This is the spirit which animates ARS AVI to join together people who are curious and passionate about olive oil, to explore the existing connections between the territory, food, senses and emotions. Specifically, ARS AVI offers the opportunity to:

·         Visit the oil mills

·         Stroll around to discover the olive groves

·         Participate at olive oil tastings

·         Join food tours


Ars Avi commits in spreading the culture of tasteful and healthy especially among the new generations.


During the harvesting and olive pressing season, the company offers educational days for students of all ages. A guide accompanies and shows the participants the production process and explains the different stages of olive processing. To learn how to know and recognize olive oil, the company organizes the "Workshops of taste", specific meetings to illustrate the qualities of olive oil, aimed at showing how to distinguish among the different products on the market.

The Olive Tree Grove

The terrace in front of the building offers a splendid view of the olive grove and the valley below.


It is a beautiful day. Cicadas sing like in a concert: summer is all around. Also the moon contributes to this scenographic setting


The olives are growing well: it will be an excellent vintage.



We end our tour looking forward to the next visit for the harvesting and processing of olives.


See you soon!